QO BOX DevOps QA & Testing Service Offerings

We have dedicated DevOps SME’s who provide comprehensive DevOps and testing solutions to ensure accelerated time-to-market. As an Independent software testing company, Qobox provides Agile and DevOps services across different domains, backed by its dedicated DevOps SME’s.

Some of the key factors that drive DevOps include

  • Parallel deployment on multiple platforms
  • Timely release of application into production
  • Collaboration between development, testing and operations teams
  • Parallel releases which includes Major, Minor and Hot fixes
devops testing

Devops Services

  • DevOps Assessment and Strategy Planning
  • DevOps Pilot Framework and Tool Stack Construction
  • End to end DevOps implementation
  • Automated Infrastructure provisioning on cloud like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
  • Automate Deployments, Rollouts and Rollbacks
  • Continuous Integration & Delivery pipelines
  • Deployment of DevOps solutions on-Premises, Public or Hybrid cloud
devops testing

QO BOX Differentiators

  • Automated provisioning of virtualized test environments
  • Standardized processes, templates, guidelines & checklists for end to end DevOps implementation
  • Integration build, deployment, end-to-end test automation, & reporting
  • Quicker release cycles and Shorter time to market
  • Quicker ROI and Reduces costs
  • Reduces code to production time
  • Ensures automation of build, deployment, testing and continuous monitoring