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How it all started

QO-BOX isn't your average QA and testing company. We're a story of incredible growth, fuelled by passion. It all began in 2020 with a small, dedicated team obsessed with building rock-solid software. We weren't just testers, we were quality engineers with a vision: to help businesses achieve their goals through flawless software.

Fast forward four years, and that initial spark has ignited a flame. We've grown into a thriving family of 300+ passionate specialists operating across the US and India. But our core mission remains unchanged: partnering with businesses to engineer exceptional quality.

Our secret weapon ? Expertise. We don't just test, we engineer quality. We combine cutting-edge tools and techniques with deep industry knowledge (Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, etc.) to identify and eliminate defects before they become problems.

Domain-specific ninjas

Our consultants are industry veterans who understand your specific challenges.

Beyond automation

We leverage the latest AI and machine learning, but never forget the power of human ingenuity.

Tool mastery

We're experts in industry-leading tools, ensuring we use the right approach for every project.

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Company mission

Deliver high-quality, secure software with expertise.

In today's demanding software landscape, delivering high-quality, secure applications is crucial. We go beyond basic testing, empowering our clients with innovative solutions and deep expertise. This ensures their software is built to the highest standards, minimizing vulnerabilities and exceeding user expectations.

Company vision

Optimizing software to energize the digital world

We pioneer groundbreaking testing solutions, pushing the boundaries of software excellence. We partner with clients to cultivate groundbreaking QA services that redefine what's possible in the digital landscape.

Our culture

Together we strive to build a better future

At QO-BOX, our employees are more than our extended family, they're our driving force.

At QO-BOX, we prioritize employee well-being. We recognize the value of a healthy work-life balance and empower our team with flexible work arrangements. This includes options for remote work and hybrid schedules, allowing you to manage your professional and personal commitments effectively.

Meet our leaders

C. Krishna Chaithanya CEO
C. Vamsee Krishna Director of Operations
T.Indumati Sumesh HR Head
Moulali Shaik Chief Advisor

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