The digital media evolution requires media and entertainment companies to keep up with the demands of their customers or lose their business to one of the hundreds of competitors. People are consuming more media now than ever before, in more locations as well as on varied devices. Whether it’s the Shareholders checking share prices while on the train, the student studying courses on the bus, or the Blogger updates their blogs on their tablet, consumers are now multiplatform and eager to find new and fresh content available at their fingertips. The pressure for the Media and Entertainment Industry to keep a persistent presence in multiple delivery channels on both high speed and less than ideal networks calls for new distribution models.

We help you to provide an insight on, devices do you target, and for which audience? Handling the network the bandwidth needs? Where are the bottlenecks and how do we fix them? Can we guarantee consistent consumption rates? How do we utilize cloud services adequately? All of these questions and more plague the industry as customer’s expectations continue to increase. Distributed content systems need to be versatile and highly scalable to keep up with the huge shifts while driving growth and increasing performance.

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