Logistics span from roads/rails to air to sea. In simple terms, items are packed and moved from one point to the other point. Factories, food processing units, retail etc, are all dependent on logistics as their back bone. Lot of applications are built to reduce the losses due to improper planning of logistics. Logistics aggregators in turn work with truck or shipping companies, and they act as apex bodies to minimize cost and time across sending and receiving entities. We, QoBox, have expertise in testing both land and sea logistics applications, at scale. Our expertise include:

  • Truck/Container management
  • Trip/voyage management
  • Crew/drivers management
  • Items, transport conditions, packaging conditions management
  • Cost management
  • Insurance management for the goods being transported
  • Aggregation of multiple loads to one trip to minimize time and cost
  • BI on vendor performance
  • Driver/Crew/Vehicle history tracking
  • Testing Integration with GPS

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