KYBERIA AI/ML Testing Service Offerings

In the digitization era, a new strategic approach to software testing with latest AI and ML technologies is required while handling end to end business workflows in a complex environment. Through testing AI platforms, we enable our clients to experience their complex applications with adequate security.

Some of the Key challenges are

  • Finding the business use cases that needs AI based testing
  • Limited awareness about AI driven testing approach.
  • Bringing Integration with existing applications
  • Infrastructure issues
  • Integration Issues with the current setup
  • Contaminated/ outdated data
ai testing

Out AI based Testing Services Includes

  • Comprehensive Test Strategy uses AI Algorithms for
    • Optimizing Regression Test Suite
    • Test suite queuing
    • Detailed Log Analytics
    • Requirement Traceability
    • Root cause of Defects
  • Algorithm-based Risk-based Testing
  • Removing redundancies with test suite getting optimized
  • Identify defects during early stages of lifecycle by analyzing defects using AI
  • Automated Regression, Smoke and Santiy Test suite using AI specific test automation tools
  • Business Process Testing to cover end to end business workflows
  • Reduces the overall regression test cycle time and ensures greater code coverage
  • Improves the overall test coverage
  • Issues are resolved with instant and continuous feedback
  • Ensures to save costs due to intelligent automation

Few of the test automation tools we use for automation are

  • Appvance
  • Functionize
  • Eggplant AI
  • mabl
  • retest
  • TestCraft

QO-BOX Differentiators

  • Helped our global clients to reduce 65% overall testing engagement costs by leveraging test automation and follows disciplined test methodology and process
  • Helped our clients to manage their planned releases and also for Faster deployments
  • Matured governance process over test data and test suite
  • Better requirement traceability with backward & forward integration
  • Holistic testing approach with early feedback with unattended execution
  • Increased the overall test coverage
  • A Test Automation CoE with Machine Learning and AI-assisted tools such as Applitools, SauceLabs, Testim, Sealights, Test.AI, Mabl ,retest,TestCraft, and Functionize
  • AI Powered regression suites for agile teams