We study oversight of contracted software testing of the Client Organizations We propose a management framework addressing the needs of client organizations.

Although the decision to outsource development or test processes is founded on various background motives, e.g., costs, capacity, time-to-market, etc., additional factors that influence the outsourcing relationships are frequently overlooked by client organizations. The main objectives of our solutions are to investigate the role of testing in your projects and examine the interactions during the process. A Test Governance Framework (TeGoF) would be proposed with a project-centered mechanism for control of the test process in software development projects.

Additionally, an analysis will be presented that describes the factors that contributed to the implementation difficulties of the the Test Governance principles for your projects. Finally, the relationships among trust, control and power are indicated as well as the potential influence of national, organizational and occupational culture. The main contribution of our solution in the development of the Test Governance Framework as a tool that pinpoints significant limitations in the current control issues in the software testing.

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