In this era of Mobility, it is evident that the Mobile market is booming. As a result mobile websites and Apps are exploding like anything in the market. To cater such clients, Each and every business is trying to get the maximum benefits out of this mobile technology. With the exponential increase for mobile usage has led to mobile testing. Businesses are focusing on creating mobile strategies and roadmap before implementing the application for their users. It is now essential to develop an app with effective features and functionalities which are beneficial to the customer. But it is more critical to have an effective testing plan and strategy before any app is developed. As client is usually in millions for a certain product – and a product with bugs is never appreciated. It often results in monetary losses, legal issue and irreparable brand image damage.

This has given us an opportunity to serve our clients to test their Application and Websites, we, at QoBox, have framed different frameworks using Appium/ Katalon and ensure they do not stay behind in their business.

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