We, at QO-BOX, understand the ERP testing problems being the size of the test suite. As the test suite size becomes larger and larger due to the frequently generated test cases as the demands are continuously changed during the development of the software. This size of the test suite leads to the increase of the cost to re-run all test cases in the test suite.

Providing you a practical and Innovative solutions is our motto to reduce the test suite using algorithms that identify the reduced test suite with the same coverage of the test requirements of the original test suite. The other way is the prioritization of test suite.

ERP systems pose new challenges regarding test data that is used in regression testing. We know that Regression testing as the testing that is used for assuring the quality of software systems produced in several development cycles.

This guarantees that additional code or any changes do not affect the functionality already implemented in the system. It also guarantees that the requirements are always satisfied.

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