Continuous Integration (CI), which is about everyone merging code changes to a central repository multiple times a day. Each merge triggers an automated build and testing sequence for the given project.

CI acts as a safety net that lets developers prevent many issues before they reach users. As a result, developers ship code with more confidence, but not necessarily faster — the deployment process may still be manual, long, and error-prone.

Continuous Delivery (CD) is a practice of automating the entire software release process. The idea is to do CI, plus automatically prepare and track a release to production. The desired outcome is that anyone with sufficient privileges to deploy a new release can do so at any time in one or a few clicks. By eliminating nearly all manual tasks, developers become more productive.

The continuous delivery process typically includes at least one manual step of approving and initiating a deploy to production. In complex systems with multiple dependencies, the continuous delivery pipeline may include additional steps, which are either manual or automatic.

We @ QO-BOX can support our clients using our huge and varied expertise in Continuous deployment requires a highly developed culture of monitoring, being on call, and having the capacity to recover quickly.

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