Test automation is very essential for a successful and on –time automation testing process. These frameworks help the testing team to reduce the cost and testing efforts by providing high RoI on the testing initiatives. This section will help you gauge our capability in using the open source test automation frameworks that are available in the market. Every test automation framework has its own advantage and disadvantage.

Robot Framework

Robot Framework is widely used for user acceptance testing or acceptance test-driven development. This mature solution uses keyword driven approach to create easy and readable tests.

TestNG is a dedicated test automation framework for Java based application that is inspired by JUnit and NUnit. It includes improved and new functionalities that covers all the test automation categories such as unit testing, functional test, end-to-end integration testing.

In the process of choosing the right automation test tool for enterprise, the following three parameters are critical:


We at QO-BOX, bring you a diversified expertise in understanding your needs and support in decision making of the commercial tools and the corresponding framework for your robust Test Automation Framework.

Data-Driven Automation Framework

Data-driven testing uses external data, such as an Excel spreadsheet file, as an input to control and verify the actions of an automated test. This data is developed independently of the Test Script. Data-driven test scripts are highly maintainable and easier for non-programmers to use. The benefit of this approach is the ability to modify test scenarios with code based on the data used. The data file contains the information required to test the application, so the test scripts do not need to be modified.

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